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About Us

Photonic Components (DFM) Ltd., (PCDL) founded in January 2017 in Hong Kong to provide professional consulting service in GaAs based semiconductor lasers (especially VCSELs) in near infrared (NIR) wavelength band (780-1300 nm). PCDL has extensive experience in product development and high volume manufacturing of multi-mode VCSELs in device modelling, epi-layer design, epi-layer growth, 4”(100mm) & 6” (150mm) wafer level processing, wafer and chip level DC/RF characterization, and chip level reliability/qualification tests for Datacom, 3D sensing (mobile), Automotive (LiDAR) and large scale 2D arrays for industrial applications including single mode VCSEL based communication and sensing. Besides consulting, it also supports the execution of VCSEL related long or short term onsite/offshore projects from foundries/IDM manufacturers, and helps its customers in technical writing (presentations, reports) for investors, filing IPs, etc.

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Areas of Professional Consulting

  • Superior VCSEL designs for Prototype & Manufacturing (808nm, 850nm, 905nm, 940nm, 980nm, 1060nm)
  • Datacom VCSEL upto 56 Gb/s (NRZ) with sub-10 fJ/bit energy consumption upto 400m OM4 transmission at 90C (can drive 116Gb/s under PAM-4)
  • High Power 2D VCSEL arrays (few W/mm2) for 3D Sensing, Imaging, Illumination to cover short-range (<10m) & long range (~250m) applications
  • Execution of short or long term projects (in fabless model)*
  • Bundled deals among Epi-Design, Epi-Growth*, Wafer Processing*, Testing*, Reliability*/Qualification*/ FMEA*
  • Training to engineering staff in VCSEL development programs & Photonic devices
  • Teaching courses in VCSEL Photonics: Semiconductor OE Devices, Materials, Physics, Technology & Industry related topics (mostly in Communication and Sensing areas)
  • Patenting ideas in Single-Mode & Multi-mode communication & sensing areas and related Si-Photonics, SWDM topics etc.
  • Active engagement with scientific and engineering [IEEE (Photonics/ComSoc), OSA, SPIE] communities to improve product and technology innovations, exchange ideas and co-partnerships in execution of consulting projects

     * Possible through third-party/outsourcing arrangements

Key Stages of VCSEL development


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Dr. Babu D Padullaparthi
Founding Director

Dr. Babu Dayal Padullaparthi founded PCDL with over 22+ years of experience in compound semiconductors including 15+ years in III-V optoelectronics/photonic devices, both in academia (R&D) & industry (Manufacturing). Prior to PCDL, He held senior executive roles at high-volume VCSEL manufacturing companies in Hong Kong and their fabs based in mainland China (PRC) between 2012-19, currently severs as the CTO of PCDL. He has direct execution experience of managing 1000’s of epi-growth, processing, testing of 4”(100mm) & 6” (150mm) GaAs based VCSEL wafers, and chip/wafer level data analysis for numerous datacom and sensor VCSEL projects worth US$ ~16M in top/medium level in-house & commercial foundries around the world. He was also involved in technology transfers, technical audits, due-diligence, M&A etc with top tier VCSEL companies in Asia, Europe & USA.

Dr. Padullaparthi holds a Ph.D. from Indian Institute of Technology at Delhi (2004) in Nanostructured Materials and was a Post-Doctoral Fellow at Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan worked on VCSELs (2005-09). He was a recipient of outstanding poster award from Materials Research Society’s Fall Meeting at Boston (2004), Japanese Government MEXT Research Scholarship (2005) & Post-Doctoral Fellowship from JSPS (2005-07), and IEEE LEOS Japan Chapter Young Scientist Award in Tokyo (2008). He has delivered more than10 invited talks (in international conferences, science & technology promotion in schools, universities, R&D institutes, manufacturing companies), co-authored ~50 peer-reviewed technical (Journal & Conference) papers, co-inventor of 13 patents (grants, applications, filings), and a member of IEEE (Photonics and Communication Societies), OSA & SPIE. He can be reached at

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